The following space will be used to share my findings as I undertake an e-learning fellowship in 2009.

This inquiry is an investigation into the cyclical nature of literacy. It will highlight the importance of oral language and how this can be built upon to assist written language. Students will present these written ideas to a wider audience via the classroom blog that involves them reading their text.

The inquiry in action
Follow this link to view regular entries of the day to day running of the inquiry.
Term 2 Term 3
Week 1 Week 1
Week 2 Week 2
Week 3 Week 3
Week 4 Week 4
Week 5 Week 5
Week 6 Week 6
Week 7 Week 7
Week 8 Week 8
Week 9 Week 9
Week 10 Week 10
Follow this link to my reflections of the inquiry in terms of the cyclical nature of literacy and background information

Published work
Follow this link to view examples of the students work that has been placed on the blog


Time line for teacher inquiry