Week 8 Term 3

I showed the children the classroom blog and showed them the new
features I had added over the weekend.

The children were fascinated that we could translate our blog
with a click of a button.


We were delighted to find that room 6 had left a comment on our bog



We went on to 'Room 6 Cyber kids' - The children were attracted to it
because of its layout. The questions flowed - how did they do that? (referring to the bees on the blog page)

We looked at their work and decided to leave a comment after all they
had been kind enough to leave a comment on our blog.
They were clearly focused on finding out how they got 'those bees' on their
blog and hence the question was asked in the body of the comment!!

It was clear that 'our blog' compared to those we have viewed in the past few
days just does not have the same visual appeal - I sense change is in the wind.

Interestingly the two comments we left on other class blogs contained questions
and while these comments have been published, neither have answered the
questions we asked!!

The children are a little puzzled about this -Why did they publish our
comment but not answer our question. The children clearly expected a reply
and were keen to engage in an on line conversation via the blog.

We have begun to write a narrative based on these images - they are
writing such interesting and entertaining narratives.
I have begun the search to bling our class blog - not something I had ever
considered doing before. In part it's a response to my learners desire to have a
blog with instant visual appeal. I struggle with this a bit as I firmly believe it's
the message within the blog that should be paramount - but acknowledge that
the 21st century learner is also acutely aware of what looks interesting visually.

I found a few sites and had a wee play!!!


Having tried to add a bit of bling to our blog I took off the background and just
left the header. I have also found the bee background used on 'cyber kids blog'.
I'll talk to the children about it next week and seek their response
to it. Watch this space and of course view our blog!!!.


We did a lot of publishing today using the flip camera as well as imovie. It was a
very busy morning as I attempt to get more of our work on line. Several of the
children are become a lot more skilled at using imovie - adding titles and their own images.

First attempt to bling our blog
Second attempt - added a matching headerweek_8_blog_visual_2.png

As the week draws to a close – I ponder and acknowledge the following
• To be able to translate our blog into other languages has wide appeal to the children in the classroom.
• Having another class comment on our blog was met with such enthusiasm.
• The children have high expectations that when they ask a question via the comment it will be answered.
• 21st century learners are keen to bling their blog even if their teacher isn't!!!

These images have been drawn by Brodie - to go with the narrative he wrote earlier in the week.