Week 10 Term 3
We viewed the class blog and the children greeted the placement of the audiopal on the class blog with enthusiasm and squeals of delight. They are already planning the next version.

We viewed video of The Billy Goats Gruff on room 2's blog and have decided to place it on our blog, much to the delight of the class.

Time to reflect - to think about this inquiry and how it has impacted on my teaching and the students I teach.

One of my intention was to develop a system of publishing on line that was sustainable and realistic. This I think I have achieved although it still requires some refining !. I hope that at U learn I can share my journey and inspire other teachers to give publishing on line ago. Reading an article on TEACH & LEARNING was a timely reminder that as a presenter we need to remember
- that the tools we share might be blocked in their school setting
- that the tools we share might have more a learning curve than we present
- that many teachers will be alone and might need a way to re-connect with us


[[image:week_10_bridge_Julius:DongHae.jpg width="298" height="448" align="center"]]

When I popped into the classroom I was greeted by two of my
children who had built a bridge in their ESOL withdrawal class
along with 3 billy goats and a troll. It got me thinking - there must
be a way we could use it !!! I asked the boys not to take it home but leave it at school. They agreed.
Today we held a school elearning expo in the school hall. A chance for the parents/
caregiver to see the various ways we are using ICT tools across the school in our class programmes. My class along with our buddy class were in charge of 'The bloggers cafe'
Throughout the day we went down to the hall with people from our buddy class to write comments. Everyone enjoyed the experience.

We read our shared book - The billy goats gruff - Liam makes a simply fantastic troll. Totally in role he puts on a troll voice and the rest of the class are amazed. I'm thinking we need to capture him reading as a troll.

Inspired by Room 6's animation we tried a very simple animation using the bridge, goats and troll. Photos were taken just holding the camera - just to give the children an idea of what could be achieved.

I showed the children the simple animation we tried yesterday - their delight in the
rather rough animation was obvious. SO...............

I set up the tripod, assigned the children to move the characters and one to take the photos- then left it to them. As they took the photos I recorded the children as they read the play.

Before the end of the day we went back to view the blogs on our blog list. As we
looked at room 6's blog Rebekah announced - so they are not learning about Bridges. She obviously assumed every school was undertaking a study of bridges - just like us!! This led to an interesting discussion about how school's decide on their topics of study.

Viewing other blogs has open their eyes up to a world that they would otherwise never have explored. That has to be exciting - the discussion we have had about those blog has also been worthwhile and enlightening.

This marks the last of my entries on my teacher inquiry. From here I will put together a presentation for U learn which will summarise my findings. To those of you who have read these entries on a regular bases I trust you have gained an insight into my classroom programme and the journey I have undertaken and will continue to undertake in the future. Your feedback is always welcome and you could go this by sending me an email at

As the week draws to a close – I ponder and acknowledge the following
• The student's really do enjoy the 'bling' elements of the blog - the audiopal was a huge success.
• Simple animation has caught the children's imagination.
• Viewing other blogs has opened the children's eyes up to a world they would otherwise never have explored.
• We have developed an authentic audience and that is exciting.