Week 4 Term 2 The writing process


I really want the children to think through the writing to publishing cycle. Talking with them we came up the the following statements -
We think
We plan
We write
I wonder if we could build on this to include the other parts of what we do.

Some children went on to the computer at reading time to listen to posts on the blog and comment on them. I struggled to get the headphones to work – I got this sorted at the end of the day. Would really like to have a headphone set for each computer in the classroom so they can listen to the posts without distraction.

After the discussion this morning I have placed the user name and password in everyone’s reading log book at reading time today.


I’m a bit overwhelmed at the moment – keeping on top of the publishing work on the blog – monitoring who is up to what on the publishing trail. Systems, systems , systems – these need to be in place for this approach to work.
Juggling many balls at one time is tricky
- fostering commenting on the blog
- ensuring work is on line
- reflecting on the classroom programme and making necessary changes

We looked at our basis statements
We think
We plan
We write
And one of the girl's added

We edit
Another said

We read
Another added
We publish on the blog

I wonder if anyone will add
We comment
We read (related to blog posts)

We viewed 3 students work today – videoed from yesterday.
Summer was so proud we’d picked hers –
She often struggles to put her ideas down on paper – today she clearly articulated her weekend game of netball and went on to write a personal recount that matched her oral planning.

‘My I don’t like writing’ boy again asked for us to view his – we did. Interestingly for a boy who so often is distracted on the mat time after time we produces a video where he is focused and on task. Why is that – is it because he only has to listen to his buddy or is it because the use of technology is engaging him?

The writing was less inspiring today – they wrote about their weekend which is I know is important to record as a point in time for the young writer. I have always found that shared classroom experiences results in written work that is a lot more descriptive and inspiring. As a class we are able to highlight the rich vocabulary within these experience.

In light of my reflections last week about children monitoring their progress with regard to the deeper features of writing - I decided to model this week checking I had sequenced my ideas by following my plan. As I did so I ticked the box - interestingly a number of children did the same. It was an easy and effective way for the children to reflect on whether or not they had followed their plan. I will try this again next week.

Comments are increasing as the children get use to making comments on their own and others work.

Tonight we held a literacy evening for parents – in ways they could assist their children at home with literacy. I co-led the session on ICT and literacy and the value of reading and commenting on our classroom blogs.








I’m beginning to be overwhelmed by the project in that it is gaining momentum and while this is exciting it also means I need to get my head around making it work without overloading myself.

This morning before school I found 3 girls on the computers drawing pictures to go with their stories –they had got their writing books and chosen which story they wanted to illustrate. – Interestingly they had all chosen their personal recount from the weekend. These although not always fill of the rich language compared to texts constructed after shared experiences they are incredibly important in the lives of the children constructing them.

At writing time – I spent time with the children building on the ‘we’ statements we looked at, at the beginning of the week. I should have had the video camera rolling but I didn’t.

We got to the we publish part and I got them to stop and think – now what do we do . Aart added we comment –
( his family has left a number of comments this past week ).

I asked them what they had to do when they comment. Brodie said we think- I asked him what he meant by this. He explained that when you comment on a blog you have to read it and think about what to write. MAGIC
Ora quickly added so we read

At reading time the children are for ever pointing out passing of time words in the text and the more able students are highlight parts of the text that are descriptive.

aart_comment_page.pngThree of these comments are from Aart's family


We had a lot of interruptions this morning including classes taking some of the cameras from the pod of cameras. While we had time to look at the rain photos we had taken writing really didn’t happen. Children really derive so much pleasure from seeing their own work.

However we did have time to talk about the ‘we’ statements we have been working on this week. I made some visuals to go with them and showed them to the class. I have placed them into a basket and asked them to work with their buddy – to place them in an order that makes sense to them.

We did some videoing and I am beginning to send the literacy buddies into 14A to video on their own – it will be interesting to see what they quality is like.
After lunch when one of the buddies went in he informed me I’d have to turn the music down – it would affect their recording!!!

I had a student from our buddy class visit this morning to recap how to put a video clip on keynote. – this is very exciting to see year 6 students having a go at what we are doing. I caught up with my buddy class teacher at morning tea and talked through the problems they were experiencing – a few minutes spent in a morning tea enabled them to proceed. When I looked at their blog at the end of the day 3 keynote presentation had be turned into a movie and placed on the blog.

I set to and made a comment on each posting.

At the end of the day the ministry of education text learning through talk had been placed on my desk - timely I think.


An e-learning fellowship day. I spent the morning in 14A . Some children came through and videoed. Others did a podcast.
At last I got a podcast completed by Aboudi. Aboudi is part of our ESOL programme for those new to New Zealand - three times a week he leaves the classroom for part of a block - hence no recording completed by him - I also note this is having an impact on his literacy buddy - she needs to be videoed !!!

The afternoon I went and bought some green material as I have an idea I want to try in the next few weeks - pick a rainy day and get the children to video the rain. Once the rain poems are completed used the green screen and video them reading their poems in their raincoats. Then use imovie to put the two videos together.
As the week draws to a close – I ponder and acknowledge the following
• By being enthusiastic about what you are doing with ICT and literacy you can inspire others to have a go.
• Our students are receptive to new ideas - model an idea and they will try it.
• Thinking about thinking is important. Presenting it in a way to capture young learners is equally important.
• Being overwhelmed is part of the learning process and journey!!!.