Inquiry based on Discovering our backyard with a New Entrant class at Northcote Primary School Term 1 2008

Having made our potato hedgehogs each of the students took a turn to be a reporter. Sitting on the teachers chair they shared their 'new found' fact about a hedgehog. Sharing new knowledge in this way was very engaging for the students.

After the weekend Grace bought in a large number of ladybugs. It
was a amazing to watch them eat the aphids left on our swan plant!

Having observed ladybugs the natural progression was to draw a ladybug
on KidPix. Image drawn by Charlotte

This showed our developing understanding of what makes an insect an insect.

We also went on to a website and tried to catch aphids for our ladybugs

We also made pet ladybugs using stones

We shared our knowledge of ladybugs using 'the web'
We captured our new learning about ladybugs
by writing about them.

One thing that caught our imagination was that during the Winter ladybugs huddle together to keep warm. This is us in a ladybug huddle!
We read the 'The Worm house' and decided to make a
worm house. We looked at a website to learn what to do.


We used our knowledge to make a worm house and
placed this slide show on our classroom blog.

One day we came into the classroom through a tunnel
pretending the tunnel was the dirt and 'we' were a worm
making our way through the dirt.Great fun

Grace showed us how to make a 3D worm and we made
them and displayed them alongside our written work.

Having had a swan plant in our open plan space we
watched first hand the life cycle of the butterfly.


We watched with interest a caterpillar hatching out of an
egg from monarch butterfly NZ trust.

We used the props from the J rock production of 2007 to
retell the life cycle through dance.

I videoed the children as they danced and used these
segments when I put together a reflection of our learning. Click on the
image to view the video.

To cement our learning we used Kid Pix to depicit the
life cycle. ( Max below right - Tara)

When Faith found a butterfly in the classroom she was
so excited. Tara had a look at it and declared it was a
moth. The moth / butterfly debate had begun.

We had looked at books and discussed the similarities and
differences. We presented this in a class Venn diagram.
We used Kid Pix to show our understanding of the differences and similarities of a butterfly and moth.

We wrote about the similarities and differences of moths and
butterflies and placed our Kid PIx images beneath our work.


We highlighted some of our knowledge in the video we made for our families.

Throughout the inquiry we often referred to this website.
Let's talk about insects It was a fabulous site to dip in
and out of to reinforce concepts and introduce new ideas.

As we prepared to share our learning with our families Tara drew pictures on
KidPix and we placed music to it. Music by Starfish Music Company. Click on the image to view the video.

As an outcome of our inquiry we decided to line our walkway to the
office with planter boxes as a way to attract more butterflies into
our school. Representatives from each room went to the garden
centre to chose the flowers and we all helped to plant them. Click on the image to view the video.

In term 2 we reflected on our learning in term 1 as we put
together a video of the highlights of the term. On the last day
of term 2 each child went home with a CD.