Below are examples of work completed over the term with a class of 5 year olds (Year 1 students)-

We started the unit with brainstorming some of the toys we had at
home and presented this using wordle.

The children all brought in one of their favourite toys and used
the class camera to photograph it.
Using the photos taken by the children we made an ebook to place on the classroom blog.

As a class we worked together to make a define map using the mimio board.

Having read the book 'My Best Bear' the children brought in their
in best bear and took a photo of it using the class camera.

We made our own book based on 'My best bear' called Bears and Kittens by Room 6

The images the children had taken of their favourite toy were imported into KidPix so the children
could label parts of their toy. When completed it was placed at the bottom of their written work.

We wrote a description of our favourite bear. They used the photos
they took of their favourite bear and put labels around it using KidPix.

We read the book 'What is it". The children brought in a toy and wrote a short
description of it. They took some photos to accompany their written text.


We sent e postcards inviting people to visit our classroom to show us
their favourite toy. Mrs Stewart sent us back an e postcard

Mr Barnes our caretaker came and showed us his favourite toy - He has had this toy for
30 years and carefully puts it away in its box every time he uses it.

We looked at a doll that is 73 years old and compared it with a doll
that is 40 years old.
We looked on line and watched how dolls were made.

The children all took a photo of one of the dolls and wrote about them.
KidPix was used to label the parts.
doll_jade.png doll_stephanie.png
Using an image on KidPix the children drew a picture of their 'Not a box'

We used the images we drew to make a book that we placed on the class blog.

The children all had a turn choosing a toy from the 'blend and sound boxes' and took a photo of it.
We will use the images taken to compare and sort the toys.


Using the photos on the left we sorted the photos using the computer
programme - inspiration

After our trip to MOTAT we captured some of the interesting things we saw using a podcast.

The children wrote a personal recount about the trip. Some of these were placed
on the classroom blog using a podcast
We looked at toys from the past and organised the information we collected on a 'Y chart'.

The junior syndicate spent an afternoon making toys from paper with each class
visiting two other classrooms.
We continued to make toys - the cup game was a firm favourite.


To celebrate our learning we decided to have a toys tea party -

We used a powerpoint presentation to share what we had discovered over the term.

The children wrote a personal recount about the toy tea party