Below are examples of integrating the thinkers keys into the classroom programme related to our inquiry the kiwi a journey of survival.

Forced relationship key.
The children were asked to explain how a kite could be used to
capture a kiwi.
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Picture Key
A simple mark was made on KidPix and saved for each student.
The students then used this mark to create their picture for Tane
and the Kiwi. Once all the images were completed a movie was

Explanation Key
The children had to explain how they would find a known kiwi
burrow without using a torch.

Alphabet Key
As a class we thought of all the things we could think of related
to our topic of study The kiwi and extended it to think of other
things in New Zealand. Each student then was assigned a
letter and drew a picture on KidPix. We then recorded every one
and made a movie.

Question Key
In this unit we used the question key related to the kiwi burrow.