Below is the presentation made at Learning at school 2009 and some examples of student work showing how e-learning is being integrated into a Year 2 setting. Click on this link to view the websites used in this inquiry and one of the videos we watched as we took part in a virtual field trip with LEARNZ

As the children found out about the kiwi they showed their knowledge using inspiration.
The students each took a photo of a kiwi and in Kid Pix put labels on it. When finished the image was exported
and placed at the bottom of their information report. An identical process was followed when we looked at the Tui.

Some students went on to present their information report using KidPix

Voice thread was used to published our work.

The students drew a kiwi and recorded a question they wanted to investigate during the inquiry.

When we compared what was killing the kiwi and the eggs we decided to show this learning using a Venn diagram. For this we used inspiration.
Students worked in pairs to create posters to inform people of the need to save the kiwi.

Throughout the inquiry we explored some of the 'thinkers keys'
Explanation key - The students worked in pairs to explain how they could find a known kiwi burrow in the dark without a torch. They then used KidPix to present their work.
Alphabet Key - As a class we listed all the things we could think of related to each letter of the alphabet. Each student was assigned a letter and presented their work on KidPix.

Forced relationship key - Again KidPix was used by students as they explained how they could use a kite to catch a kiwi.
Tane and the Kiwi Picture key - a simple mark was made on Kid Pix and each student had to make use of it to capture the part of the legend Tane and the Kiwi that had appealed to them. Upon completion of the task all images were used to retell the legend. If you look closely at the images on the right you can see how creatively the students have used this simple mark.

Several times through the inquiry we used 'wordle' to capture thoughts and feelings.
As we started the inquiry we listed words we thought of related to the kiwi.
We used wordle to explore how we felt as we raised money to help save the Kiwi.

As the inquiry drew to a close we looked at the wrybill and explored the fact that it to was endangered and that there were in fact a lot less wrybills in N.Z than Kiwi. We talked about how we could present the information we have gained immediately they said use a mind map, Venn diagram , Y chart. I said it was a pity we couldn't make a Y chart on the computer their reply was simply YES we can we can use KidPix. Interestingly they used the visuals they had been exposed to in class i.e eye what do they look like , House - where do they live, teeth - what do they eat, Box - what other interesting things do you know about the wrybill.