Children enjoy listening to the class shared book. Below are examples of how I am working with the children I teach to keep these stories alive over time. The examples below have been completed with children who are 5 years old with most of them starting school for the first time in February. The finished product has been placed on the classroom blog - with the children encouraged to read/listen to it at home.
I am running
Photos were taken of the children as they undertook different actions.
The photos were placed in keynote, the text was placed underneath and a screen shot taken. The jpeg was then placed in garage band.

This book was made using keynote. (click on the cover to turn the page.)

Baby Animals
After reading this shared book the children began to paint pictures of an adult with their baby. These paintings were used to make a book using keynote.Then used to make podcasts which were put on the classroom blog.

What can you see?
This shared book text has back and white images with animals hidden within it. The children have had a great deal of fun spotting the hidden animals within each page.
We then made some black images ourselves and went on to make our own version of the book.


I can write
This shared book explored the notion that we can write on and in different things.
The children took turns taking photos of each other to create this book.

Not a box
This shared book explored the idea that a box can be anything you want it
to be - if you use your imagination. A box was placed on KidPix and the
children changed the box into whatever they wanted to.



Oh bother
We read the shared book - Oh bother. Again we used KidPix. A circle was placed on the page to represent a hole and each child decided what the hole was in.