Examples of the children's work

After a session with the police officer on safe walking we
came inside and recorded key words using wordle
The children used images taken on our session with the police officer to record key messages about safe walking. The children imported images into KidPix, wrote their message and exported it to the desktop. Using Imovie the children read their safety message to make this movie.

The children wrote safety poems. Using garage band the children recorded their poems and photos taken on the session with the police officer were imported to reflect their work.

Some children used wordle to record their own key words about safe walking.
We visited the following website and became familiar with the technique of being a tree around dogs we don't know who are active and a little bit scary.
We had a visit from the dog handler from the North Shore city council. He was impressed that we already knew how 'to be a tree'

We wrote poems, designed to give a clear message about being safe around dogs.

As part of 'Keeping ourselves safe' we have explored some of the things we are good at. Using KidPix the children drew what they were good at.

We made our KidPix images into a movie and put them on to the blog

We have ride the shared book 'BIkes' and explored what is required to be safe when riding a bike.The children have each taken a photo of a toy bike.
The children have imported the image into KidPix to label the parts of the bike.

As a class we have explored the different types of bikes. The children used inspiration to show these visually.
We wrote poems, designed to give a clear message about keeping ourselves when using the internet.

Using KidPix the children created sun safety messages