Oral planning

Code Breaker

The students used their knowledge of sentence structures and text organisation to create an oral text using an oral language planner to guide their construction of the text. These oral planners varied according to the different genre types.
In using these oral planners the students showed their understanding of how to encode spoken text.
Sample 1
One student told her literacy buddy to speak louder as she wasn’t able to hear her as she constructed her text. Student A (Using a quiet voice) One cold wet morning Student B: Talk louder
Student A: (Using a louder voice) One cold wet morning we went for a winter walk with the class.
Sample 2
A child uses her knowledge of text organization to assist her literacy buddy to construct an oral text Student C: “ice melt in my hand ice” Student D: Buddy, Stephanie like start with when, when it was.
Student C: When it was - Last week at school we put ice in the freezer

Meaning Maker

The students used their developing oral vocabulary to convey their thoughts and ideas.
Sample 3
This oral transcript shows evidence of using adjectives and similes for effect. It also demonstrates how the student uses his knowledge of how to use sentence structures to capture the mood of the unpleasant character i.e. the mother.
A long time ago there were three teenagers who went to the movies all by themselves and they wanted to go again. They bought their tickets and went in. they sat on soft comfy chairs like a soft cloud. Then an unpleasant (girl) mum came in and sat right in front of them. They tapped her on the back and said “hey can you please move” but she just said no I will not move, my ticket, my popcorn my chair. Then the three teenagers didn’t know what to do. Then the boy teenager said “hey why don’t we move and then they moved in front of her but she just moved in front of them. They went all the way to the front......
Further meaning was added to this text when the student drew illustrations on KidPix. The unpleasant mum was not only unpleasant but was also wearing a rather large hat that the teenagers couldn’t see past.ashane_movies.png

Text User

The students worked with a literacy buddy to share their oral text and in doing so responded to their audience i.e. their literacy buddy. They did this by varying their pitch; tone and speed to ensure their buddy remained engaged and in doing so they also added to the meaning of their text.
When using direct speech the student adds meaning to the text by whispering reflecting the social conventions of being in a movie theatre.