Literacy Learning in e-learning contexts
Literacy Learning in e-learning contexts is a research project funded through a Teaching and Learning Research Initiative (TLRI) grant.
Researchers and teachers (ECE, primary and secondary) have worked collaboratively to re-examine data from archived action research inquiries focused on e-learning to highlight how literacy learning is taking place in e-learning contexts.
Teacher inquiry 2009In 2009 I was awarded an e fellowship by the Ministry of Education and undertook a teacher inquiry .
This teacher inquiry was undertaken with a Year 2 class at Sunnybrae Normal School.

Through this inquiry the interconnected strands of literacy were made explicit to the students with a strong emphasis on the importance of oral language. As the students worked through the literacy process within the classroom they were exposed to and worked within each literacy strand as they created a piece of work to be placed on the classroom blog.

Through the process an emphasis was placed on the students to read like writers and write like readers - using their knowledge in complementary ways. As a teacher I stressed the relationship between making and creating meaning, encouraging the students to move between the two using the experiences gained in one activity to inform and enrich the other.

In reanalysing this inquiry with reference to 'The Four Resource Model" of Literacy the students worked mainly within code breaker, text participant and text user.
Four Literacy Role
Four Resource Model
For the purpose of the project, the teachers and researchers have used Luke and Freebody's 'Four resources' model as a framework for literacy analysis. This model suggests that to be considered literate in an increasingly globalised and technological world, students need opportunities for learning how to4_resource_model.png
  • decode texts (audio, gestural, spacial, visual and multimodal and printed texts)
  • make meaning from and compose texts
  • use texts for particular purposed and in particular contexts (social and cultural)
  • critique use and transform texts
An analysis of the initial project using'The Four Resource model.'
An analysis of my initial project in terms of 'The Four Resource Model'This analysis is part of of the Literacy learning in e-learning contexts project with NZCER/CORE education in 2011This analysis has been undertaken under the following headings1. Creating oral texts2. Composing written and visual texts3. Reading their texts and publishing on the classroom blog4. Responding to and making comments on the classroom blog.

Conditions of e-learning
As part of this project I have looked at some of the conditions that e-learning provided to support the literacy programme during the initial project.
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