e-learning in a Year 2 Classroom
Helen Rennie-Younger and Geeta Naran
Sunnybrae Normal School

In this session we will outline a number of e learning strategies embedded within our inquiry - The Kiwi - A journey of survival. The ways we have used kidpix, photography, inspiration and a virtual field trip will be highlighted. Helpful hints on managing a class of children through specific e-learning tasks will be shared. Sharing our learning with a wider audience via a classroom blog will also be explored.

Click on this link to view the presentation and examples
of students work.

Click on the links below to view the websites that
supported our inquiry - A journey of survival

Kidpix tasks

View this movie from LEARNZ featuring a health
check for storm the kiwi.

enrol with LEARNZ - its free!
Thinkers key - picture
From the master - save as your name
Draw a picture to help retell the legend of
why the kiwi can't fly.

Maungatautari Ecological Island Trust

Import the photo of the kiwi and label it.
When finished - export the image to the desktop
Willowbank Wildlife Reserve

youTube-saving the kiwis
Inspiration tasks
Maria Gill - author of Operation nest egg
Use the Venn diagram master and set it up for your
students to compare the differences between a kiwi
and another native bird
Use the kiwi pictures to record the facts you know
about the kiwi
Save the kiwi trust -

send an e card to your class, a colleague, a friend