Every year a theme is chosen and units of work
are aligned to the topic. Below are the themes used

2006 Northcote Primary
Term 1 Our grandparents
Term 2 Pounamu (N.Z greenstone)
Term 3 Kiwi forever
Term 4 Creating a treasure

2007 Northcote Primary
Term 1 Window on ourselves - Cool schools
Term 2 Rain on the window
Term 3 Our local marae
Term 4 Colour

2008 Northcote Primary
Term 1 Our backyard
Term 2 Our community

Sunnybrae Normal School
Term 3 Journeys near and far
Term 4 The kiwi - a journey of survival

2009 Sunnybrae Normal School
Term 1 Our local community
Term 2 Water - essential for all communities
Term 3 Bridges - connecting communities
Term 4 Safety - keeping ourselves safe in our community

2010 Sunnybrae Normal School


Term 1 Our footrpints
Term 2 Footprints through time : toys