Final reflection of efellowship 2009
  • The efellowship has given me the opportunity to reflect in a more formal way, on my classroom practice and share my journey with a wider audience.
  • It has highlighted the importance of viewing of literacy in the broader sense. After all, literacy impacts on every facet of the school day from the time we greet the children in the morning to the time we farewell them in the afternoon.
  • ICT has been used as a tool to enhance the learning opportunities and provided the children with the opportunity to create and make meaning of the topic at hand. In essence, integration has been the key to my teacher inquiry.
  • It has challenged me to reflect on what an 'authentic audience' really is. I think it has to be an audience that not only stops to look at your work on the blog but one that actually engages in your work in some way e.g by leaving a comment, giving you an insight to how your work has impacted on them.
  • It has highlighted how using a digital format to publish a child's work has enabled their work to be a living document in the sense that they can continue to reflect and add to their ideas through the comment section of the blog in ways traditional methods of publishing do not.
  • A project such as this is time consuming but well worth the effort in terms of the outcome for the children I teach.
Raising student achievementThere is clear evidence that student achievement and confidence has been raised through this inquiry. I have video clips to show the following
  • a child presenting with special needs, needing teacher assistance to construct a oral text to five weeks later being able to confidently construct an oral text without teacher support.
  • addressing the mismatch of a child's oral text to his written text. By ensuring the child listened to his video clip of his oral text before he wrote he was able to capture more of his interesting ideas and vocabulary in his written text.
  • by providing regular opportunities to the children to construct oral text, the quietly spoken child has gained confidence in her ability and has been able to shine in her own right.
  • the child who indicated that he didn't enjoy writing is keen to complete his written text in order to get on to the computer to draw his visual images to go with his text.

Through teacher observations I also know that through this inquiry the children -
  • are more aware of how to construct visual images that tell a story in their own right.
  • can unpick their own work in terms of the text organisation that should be inherent within it.
  • are more aware of how to supportive of others as they construct oral text as well as support each other when recording the final product.
  • in essence they are more aware of the interconnected strands of literacy and how through this project they have been involved in making and creating meaning
Spreading the word
  • This year I established a wiki to share my efellowship work this wiki has in fact taken on a life of it's own and has become a place where I can show case the way I am integrating ICT into my classroom programme.This wiki has attracted an increasing amount of traffic indicating someone out there is viewing the wiki - how long they stay on the site and what impact it has had on them is unknown.cumulative_statistics.png
  • A colleague I work closely with has shown that dialogue between teachers is so important to effect change. By viewing her blog you can see the impact of my inquiry has had on her.
  • room_14_blog_sign.png
  • My work with Year 2 children in 2008 has been placed on TKI snapshots for learning this year.
  • I have shared my efellowship work with the BOT. One of the members of the board said he always worried about the amount on money being spent on ICT and the positive impact it had for learners and their achievement verses the cost of ICT - with my presentation he could clearly see the benefits.
  • In 2010 I will present my efellowship work to the staff alongside a staff development programme which will see teachers using their classroom blogs to reflect the integration of ICT in their classroom programmes.
  • Someone out their in the global learning community has placed one of my wiki pages on the 'stumble upon website' - this has ensured increased traffic to my wkispace
  • Presented at learning at school and U learn.


In my opinion its not the amount of people you reach as shown on a 'counter' that is important - it's the people you touch along the way that makes them reflect on their
own practice and inspire them to enhance the learning opportunities of the children in their care and ultimately to raise student achievement that is important -
the number of people I have touched in this way is unknown. I know my journey started long before I began the efellowship and is far from ended as I endeavour to be the
best teacher I can be for the 21st century learner.