As the term unfolds I will place examples of ways e learning is integrated into our inquiry -Bridges in the community

To start the inquiry we wrote a definition
The children drew their images on KidPix
BubbleShare: Share photos - Easy Photo Sharing

We used wordle to record words related to our inquiry

We went to the junior playground and every child took a photo
of a swing bridge.
BubbleShare: Share photos - Find great Clip Art Images.

As part of technology week - in groups of 4 the children had to design a
bridge that was a metre long and could hold a match box toy car using
only newspaper, string and cellotape.

Over night the children have a chance to reflect on their initial attempts as
tomorrow the junior classes gather in the hall to build their new and improved
bridges. The photos below show us working on our initial bridges.

BubbleShare: Share photos - Find great Clip Art Images.

Technology challenge - undertaken by the junior syndicate

The children have written information reports about swing bridges.
They have imported an image on KidPix to label the parts of the swing
The children have recorded their information report
using imovie. These have been placed on the blog.

As a class we have explored different types of bridges and made
a class display
The children have used KidPix to draw four bridges

As a class we explored the tools to make a mind map using inspiration.
Art - In art the children made PVA blocks and printed them

We have viewed a number of videos of the Auckland Harbour bridge
which is building our knowledge of when and why it was built.
We made a class Y chart to record the facts we found out
about the Auckland Harbour Bridge


The children have written an information report about the Auckland Harbour
Bridge - using a Y chart as their planner. (Hanbin)
The information reports written about the Auckland Harbour Bridge will be placed on the classroom blog at the beginning of term 4

We went on a trip with the junior syndicate - going under the Harbour Bridge
The children captured the experience by passing around the class camera.

Returning from the trip we used inspiration to capture images
of what we saw

The brainstorm on inspiration was used to support the children as they
recorded in imovie
Here is our movie, capturing our initial thoughts.
[ invalid file: our trip ]

The children wrote a personal recount of the event. These will be placed on the
classroom blog at the beginning of next term

We read The impossible bridge as our shared book. The children made their own bridges using a piece of A4 paper and photographed them

Using cardboard the bridge designs became a little more elaborate. The
children photographed their work.
The children drew 'close up' images of the Auckland Harbour Bridge

Our classroom display.
The children used inspiration to show different types of bridges

The children used inspiration to show different types of bridges
We read the play - Three Little Billy Goats who cross over an Arch bridge
Two members of the class made an arch bridge in their ESOL withdrawal class - They also coloured in 3 goats and a troll.
[[image:week_10_bridge_Julius:DongHae.jpg width="255" height="384" align="center"]]

We viewed a video on U Tubeand placed this on the classroom blog
Our first attempt at a simple animation - no sound just images

A small group of children set up to attempt another animation
Our second attempt at animation will be posted here when it is finished

We revisited 'wordle' to capture some key vocabulary we have acquired during this inquiry.